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Working Marionette (with video): "Another Brick In The Wall" - Pink Floyd

Arguably one of the best songs, from one of the best albums, from one of the best bands of all time.  And one of the most iconic and original music videos of its era.  If you don't know it, check it out online!

I had a lot of fun designing this set!  It's an imposing display piece in its own right, but also has a lot of playability with the fully working marionette (puppet).  I needed more than 5 mins practice, but hopefully the video is enough to demonstrate this!

The controller can either sit in the fixed bracket for display or operating in situ, or simply lifts off for more ambitious two-handed animation.  The bracket itself sits in a slot on the back and simply slides up/out if you prefer to remove it completely.  I did my best manipulating the Lego studded strings in the software (writhing snakes anyone?!), but the 31L is not available for some reason, so I had to connect a 21L with a 11L for the pics.

The set stands solidly due to the angled pin/clip connections between the wall and blocks of flats.  The connection also means it can be split into three for display variation.  FYI the hammer supports are concealed within the roof structure.

All parts are Lego & available, & are properly connected.  Part-count is approx. 2,850.

Hope you enjoy!

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