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A Bit Of Reading

Sometimes, frogs can be a little bit imaginative as well! This little frog has immersed himself into a world of fantasy, with stories of danger, love, triumph, and defeat. The mushroom has given him much needed shade to keep his skin from drying out as he is lost in the stories of old.

This build includes:
  • Reading Frog
  • Stack of Books
  • Open book for reading
  • Tall mushroom
  • Medium mushroom
  • Small mushroom

This build was a lot of fun! I got a lot of my inspiration from children books, where there is sometimes a small creature, like a mouse or in this case a frog, sheltering themselves from the sun or rain, under a plant of some sort. The most difficult part of this was making the frog, and I'm sure there is a better way of making it look a bit more realistic, but I couldn't figure anything out.

My plan for this set would be purely a display set. I had in mind the demographic of LEGO shoppers that enjoy nature and loved the botanical sets, as they are probably more likely to enjoy this set. There is undoubtedly a growing market for display sets, so I think this would fit right in.

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