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The Old Town Bridge


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This model contains 2988 pieces and an LDD file is available to verify this.

The Model

The bridge rests on five main piers which stand in the “river”. One of the spans between the piers has a separate roadway and pedestrian walkway sections which may be raised to let taller river boats pass through. The largest building atop the bridge serves as a local administration building and sections may be removed to access the interior (see photograph number 6 of 8).

The Background Story

In ye olden days of LEGOLAND, there once stood an old Yellow castle. It was built to protect a population of minifigures who had arrived here from the Kingdom of Denmark. Outside the Yellow Castle’s walls grew a settlement, which over time became more and more important as a centre of trade. As the centuries passed, and as the minifigures explored more surrounding lands, new building materials became available, including the much-hailed Light Grey-stone and the tan-coloured clay, which could be used to produce excellent bricks. Adjacent to the settlement was the Christiansen River, named so after the founding father of LEGO. Crossing the river by boat could be slow at times, and therefore came the need to build a bridge.

As times went by, and the LEGOLAND Minifigures began to live in a time of peace and prosperity, trading goods with their neighbours instead of fighting them, the need for fortified walls lessened. Several walls remained and continued to be built in places not only as decorative features, but also as a reminder of the turbulent past. Further expansion took place of the LEGOLAND Settlement, and land upon which to build became more expensive. And so, a grand plan was hatched to construct buildings atop the bridge itself…

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