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Lego the Chronicles of Narnia

It is a Lego set based on The movie The Chronicles of Narnia and The Set I designed it The wardrobe which is a portal to Narnia. Narnia Is a snow place where different things are in their.  built it because I Loved the movie so I tried to create a scene out Of Lego and I think people will love this set.  built it because I loved both of the things so I tried to create It on my own And Like I said I thing people will love this set. I believe this is going to be a great set because It is like a replica of The scene that I created. I put in the wardrobe because it is a iconic scene in the movie also Is Narnia. people will have fun playing with the set if you like Lego and The movie Narnia. It has The Main character of The Set which is Peter,Susan,Lucy,Edmund. I think People will Love This set. I hope people will have fun with this set.

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