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The Edge of Space: Space Jump World Record 2012


Drawing inspiration, admiring the incredible feat of the Austrian pilot Felix Baumgartner, who in 2012 attempted and succeded in doing a free fall from space achieving a new world record, when at the same time shooting down various other records, I designed the mission capsule of Red Bull Stratos, as an omage to Felix and his incedible achievement.

Roswell, New Mexico - Sunday, October 14, 2012. After his ascent to 39.045 meters (128.100 feet) with a helium balloon, the Austran pilot Felix Baumgartner, competed a record setting jump from the edge of space, exactlly 65 years after Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound, jumping from an experimental capsule. (Red Bull Stratos)

The 43 year old pilot from Austria, also broke two more world records:
1. Free falling from the highest altitude.
2. Highest maned flight with a hot air balloon.

Felix wrote history. Baumgartner reached the speed of 1375,6 km/h, which is equall to 1,25 Mach, with his jump from the statosphere in the Red Bull Stratos project. Baumgartner landed safelly with his parachute in the desert of New Mexico after a 9 minute and 3 second fall. 

Millions of people from all over the world, watched the stunning feat live, through tv broadcasts as well as live web streaming services, and I was one of them.

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