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Gilligan and Skipper's Island Hut


Hi, its me again, I have just uploaded another LEGO set I made on Lego Digital Designer for the classic TV show Gilligan's Island.  ​I enjoyed building this and made it look like the island hut on the famous TV show and I was very proud of how it turned out after finishing it.

This set would allow fans to recreate the experiences from the TV show with Gilligan and Skipper as you build their island hut, and from there, you can create your own adventures with these two iconic characters. Fans of Gilligan's Island would definitely want this too as a collector's piece and part of their LEGO collection.

In this set, you get:

  • 2 mini-figures of Gilligan and Skipper with them holding their fishing rods
  • A hammock for Gilligan and Skipper
  • Sam the Parrot minifigure for Gilligan, and two small yellow squared LEGOs that resemble crackers for Gilligan to give to Sam
  • A small fish minifigure for either Skipper or Gilligan to hold in their hands after catching a fish
  • Chairs for Skipper and Gilligan to sit down at and a table for Gilligan's letter and Skipper's toolkit

Please support this set, If you'd want to see this set in your favorite Lego shopping store to buy.

I will have more cool Gilligan's Island sets to post, so be on the lookout for that on my page.

Thanks for reading!


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