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Food Truck


Finger Brick'n Good!

Stop by Bricky's Chicken Truck for the best fried chicken around. Rolling into a neighbourhood near you!

Food trucks are popular right now, and summer is definitely food truck season. In fact, I recently went to a food truck festival that was near my apartment, and the different trucks really got my Lego creativity juices flowing. I wanted to use the chicken-suit minifig I got with my last Lego store order, so I ended up settling on a fried chicken food truck.

This set would appeal to all ages, and has a current, cool theme that is "trending" right now. Hopefully it captures that feeling of having a casual lunch on a sunny day, where you get to enjoy being outside and trying something new. With a few tweaks, this truck could be modified to sell any type of food or drink, so there are endless possibilities.

This truck features a sunroof that opens for ventilation, and the slanted roof retracts to allow for interior access. It comes with 3 minifigs - Bricky, chicken-suit man, and a customer.

Leg godt (play well) everyone!

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