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The Pie Shed


Hello Lego Fans, Lego Collectors, people who like to build with Legos and the Lego Ideas Team! This is my idea called The Pie Shed. This would be for a Lego City or other Lego products. There are two parts in this set and I will explain them to all of you. The first part is the inside of The Pie Shed you have a freezer on the left side, a Cream Pie, a Humbleberry pie, a computer with ticket printer, cement, door, a chef and a bakers hat,  on the right side you have a desk, a cashier, a chef hat on the cashier,  computer, two draws, a cashier, a receipt printer, a credit/giftcard reader, a telephone and telephone holder, a time clock. The second part is the Outside and that has a computer where the ticket number is, there is a flagpole with flag, two security cameras, giftcard, 4 $100.00 bills, a checkbook, a credit card, a stop sign with yellow light in the center, and a gift card. Also you have a pie sign that says Pie for the name of the Pie Shed. You have a road going to the Pie shed and white, yellow, center lines, curb  for parking vechiles and Lego cars. I built this set today and had fun doing it, it was easy to build and like I  said in the beginnig this set would be great for everyone of all ages and for everyone.  I hope you remember that you will tell your friends and family members that you voted on The Pie Shed and Thanks. Have A Great Day

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