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Sci-Fi Gangster Vehicle + Prototype


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From the original creator of the Hog Pog comes...


Yes, it's true. The friend who created the Hog Pog was over again, and this time, he built some pretty awesome cars! The car on the left is a gangster's vehicle, with a cockpit and weapons in the back, of course. It has a bulky, powerful feel to it, and intimidates other cars passing by. The cockpit opens by taking of the safety lock and simply lifting it off.

However, the gangster (with one glove) is getting sort of tired of the same old car. He needs a car with a bulkier, more powerful, and more intimidating feel. He gets together with a black market car dealer and they come up with a crystal-powered prototype. The crystal in the back gives it twice the power, and the boosters in the back help with acceleration. It does not have a cockpit yet, but keep in mind that it is a prototype.

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