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Guinness World Records Attempt stage


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This is my idea for a Guinness World Records attempt stage. 

It includes: 

Two adjudicator minifigures with their famous clip boards.

A generic mini figure.

Two leaderboards.

Two timers.

An adjudication area.

Announcement box.

Decorative banners.

5 balloons 

and of course a Guinness World Record certificate.

I believe it would make a great set because it can easily be used alongside other sets for example if a hairdresser wanted to attempt the most hairstyles in one hour the Guinness World Record stage would be the perfect place to do so. Lego has also been a feature in many world record attempt and these could be recreated with this set. It is also a small and manageable set for those who don’t want to spend too much time putting sets together.

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