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Display Cabinet


The traditional sideboard cabinet is a piece which stands loud and proud in living rooms everywhere. Combining stylish design with the ability to show off just about anything, the sideboard cabinet makes an excellent centrepiece for a room, or a quiet corner display unit.

This set is a detailed, yet small and therefore easy-to-display piece. Built to the same scale as the old LEGO Club build 'Piano', this sideboard would be perfect to spark the imagination to create further matching furniture.

All doors 'n' drawers open, and there is storage space in the bottom for anything up to 3x9 studs.

As a set, the cabinet could include the detail parts as shown in the image - that is to say, a clear wine glass, a bronze trophy, a translucent-green wine pitcher with a diamond stopper, a candle with a translucent candlestick, a pastille blue vase, a gold ring, a small silver trophy, a black bowler hat, a painting and a certificate of graduation. The set could also inlcude other accessories.

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