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Revenge of the Farmer


"For countless years Aliens from planets everywhere in the Galaxy have been attacking farms, abducting cattle and farmers, and generally wreaking havoc on Earth. But no more...

Farmer Dave, assisted by science nerd Sam Jones and Space-Man Steve, has decided to take revenge on the Aliens by attacking their farms!

By putting together a working (although slightly old-school) flying saucer in his barn, Farmer Dave can exact his revenge on the terrible Aliens who stole his Cows!"

 I designed this set based on the thought "what if the farmer was the attacker?" and I ended up with this model! I chose characters from Earth that would provide fun play and give the model plot, and I chose Aliens that were ugly but cool, so that people can choose their own side. I made the flying saucer to look like it was built by Farmer Dave himself, hence the steam look! I was careful to add enough playability and accessibility that kids will enjoy, and enough detail that teens or adults can add this to their displays. The bottom panel on the ship comes off in a lift-off fashion before the ramp folds down.

A few notes on color, not all pieces were available in the colors I wanted;

- All bright orange ground is supposed to be brownish orange

- Ideally the pigs would be normal blue, to look like Alien pigs

- The large 6x6 dish on the bottom ray beam should be yellow/green like the rest

Please support if you enjoyed this model! hopefully we can reach 10 000!

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