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Sunshine Farms Milk Distribution Small Truck


This is my new idea called Sunshine Farms Milk Distribution Small Truck. This Truck is bascially used to go to Grocery stores from the milk plant, and then back to the milk plant. The Sunshine Farms Milk Distribution Small Truck has a total of 238 bricks and peices. 

Inside the truck body you have a steering wheel, a drivers shift stick, seat, drivers door, passangers door, cup holder, white mug, clear glass vechile frame, black mirrors on either side, truck cap, white sign holders on top of truck cap,sunshine symbol, 

This idea also comes with a truck container for the truck body that opens and closes, a brown crate, white empty milk jugs, white crate, with light blue filled and cow milk jugs, milk distributor man with milk cap, that has on him white pants and white shirt, a white dolly or hand sack with black wheels, a loading and unloading ramp that is hooked on in the middle of the truck it start out with a white brick and then changes to gray bricks. 

I had fun using my imagination to create this wonderful idea of mine. The LEGO company and LEGO Ideas doesn't have any milk trucks and that's why I built this one for people to look at and vote on it. I hope it passes because it would be fun for everyone and would be great for any LEGO  Sets. I did not build either the grocery store or the milk plant. 

Please let your friends and family know about Sunshine Farms Milk Distribution Small Truck today and thanks. Have a Great day!


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