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LEGO Mr Bean- 25th anniversary!

Hello, This is my project:

I remember when my mom was away from home, my grandfather took care of me in my home while my mom back. All the time I was playing with my LEGO toys, and my grandfather saw 'Mr Bean' on TV.

It became a good idea to do this project because they were my two favorite activities when I was little, see 'Mr Bean' with my grandfather and playing with my LEGO.

Anyone who can keep up with the craziest stories of 'Mr Bean.' Who would not want to dump that three wheeled car?

This set contains:
1 -. Deluxe Austin super-mini (1)
2 -. Reliant Regal Supervan III (1)
3 -. Parking machines (2)
. 4 - Mr Bean minifigure (1)
. 5 - Mysterious man minifigure (1)
. 6 - Auto Replica of Mr Bean (1)
7 -. Instructions (1)

I also think it is a good idea, because in 1990 the first chapter was launched, and in 2015 will be the 25th anniversary.
I will be updating the project, I accept criticism of any kind. You are welcome.
Greetings from Mexico!

Do not forget to leave a comment, and if you like, supporting please. :D

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