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Klingon Bird-of-Prey (Micro Scale)

An authentic-to-scale micro-scale replica of Star Trek’s most elegant yet feared battle-cruiser-class starship, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

The model's wings are moveable to the neutral or downward positions. The model can be mounted on a stand, or suspended in mid-air with invisible line.

The Bird-of-Prey is aptly named due to the bird-like shape of its wings and hull, and its ability to cloak (i.e., turn virtually invisible), hunt-down and destroy vessels. It has a length of 110 metres, carries a crew of 12 to 36 men, and travels at a maximum speed of warp 9+. Its armament consists of one photon torpedo launcher and 2 disruptor canons. Its defenses consist of deflector shields and a cloaking device (that renders the ship virtually invisible until it powers-up its weapons to attack). The ship’s wings move in an upward position (for takeoff and landing - not possible for this micro model), a neutral position (for normal flight), and the classic downward position for purposes of attack.

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Frontal view in the classic attack configuration (wings in downward position).

Good shot of the main bridge, and of one (of two) disruptor canons (in the far distance).

Rear view showing the warp drive engine.