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The World - Map Your Travels


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Map your travels

Combine your joy of LEGO with your passion for travel, or your joy of travel with your passion for LEGO. You decide!

With this LEGO world map, you can use flags to mark up where you have already traveled and dream about where you want to go next with the little explorer.


Why I believe it would make a great LEGO set

Recently I looked for ways I could map my travels, but there was nothing that met all my requirements. This made me think of alternatives, leading me to LEGO. The concept is ideal for LEGO because it is so easy to move pieces around and really show off where you have been in the world. The flags could be printed with country flags on them, or be left blank.

The great thing about LEGO is that it can be customized, which provides countless uses for the map. It can be used for travels or education - placing animals or flags on the countries. It is all up to people’s imagination.


*Number of Bricks: 998

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