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Star Wars Dexster's Cantina (Diner)


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My project should give the war from Star Wars a break. You can see Dexters Diner from Episode II. Obi-Wan meets Dexter in his Diner. He gives Obi-Wan some Information.

Dexsters Diner was a known bar on the planet Coruscant in Coco Town near an industrial area. It lay in the lower levels of Coruscant. There is a lot of rabble and crook in this Diner, but also there found many Stormtroopers for a break. After the earlyer owner Didi Oddo closed down the company, Dexter took over the business.

Before Dexter has continued the company under his name, it was known under the name Didi's café. This was a popular drop-in centre of the Jedi...

Difficulties have made the round windows. However, I think i have found a practical solution.

The roof is removable and with complete interior arrangement. Only, there is no kitchen. Here you should allow space for own creations...




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