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Doug's Garage

My Lego Idea is a garage setup. Doug is the mechanic who fixes up cars with the help of his assistant, Gary. A customer waits on a bench as his vehicle gets repaired on the lift. Doug has a gas pump and a wheel stand. He has extra axels and mudflaps it necessary. Gary is an on-call towtruck driver for emergencies. Doug is never far from his workbench filled with his tools. He takes his ramps off the stand in order to bring cars on and off. When Doug and Gary are not working on cars, they are designing a new type of engine.

I built this set because I have never actually seen a lego hoist lift. I thought it would be cool and fun to play with so I added things such as the towtruck and the gas pump. Another cool thing about the lift is it can fit any lego car that is six to eight studs wide. The tires actually do fit in the car if you feel like it needs to look tougher and meaner. The car can fit two Minifigures and has suicide doors. If this ever gets to review, I hope they add a building, because I did not have the pieces.   

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