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Wonder Woman To The Rescue!


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I have a four-year-old daughter who is obsessed with three things: superheroes, princesses, and LEGO Friends.  This set, Wonder Woman to the Rescue, combines these three loves into a highly playable adventure featuring Wonder Woman and her friend Batgirl saving Steve Trevor from the clutches of Poison Ivy and her giant Venus flytrap! 

As a parent who wants to inspire a lifelong love of comic books and superheroes, it has been surprisingly difficult to find her exciting superhero toys marketed to little girls.  This is quickly getting better as more and more companies recognize that little girls love more than just princesses.  Wonder Woman, a Superhero Princess, is by far my daughter’s favorite character, with every other DC Comics superhero from Aquaman to Zatanna, a close second. 

This set was definitely a family collaborative project.  My wife (TurquoiseDani) and I (LEGORanger16) worked on the design and build.  My daughter’s grandmother (MrCozmo) painted her the LEGO Friends figures.  And at four years old (too young for a LEGO Ideas account), my daughter even contributed her own fierce critiques (“It needs more jewels and flowers!”).  The plan was always to build this idea using LEGO Friends because my daughter, and wife for that matter, both love the variety of LEGO Friends sets.   

This set features Wonder Woman once again saving the always in trouble Steve Trevor.  With Poison Ivy as the villain, there needed to be a variety of beautiful and sometimes vicious plants, which led to the focus on the Venus flytrap.  And once Poison Ivy was included, it was obvious Batgirl would also need to be along for the adventure.  The chance to include two female superheroes in one set makes this especially exciting.  It is my hope with this set that LEGO fans of all ages, but especially my daughter, learn that sometimes a man can be the damsel in distress, and a Superhero Princess will save the day. 

If you enjoy this set, please follow this hyperlink to check out my other LEGO Ideas project which is dedicated to the National Park Service and inspiring a love of these special places:

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