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Extended Hobbit Hole The Fellowship Of The Ring


What is this:

Hobbit hole from "Lord of the Rings" with 1770 parts and the Lego set "Gandalf Arrives" with 73 parts.

It's possible to look inside the hole. I have a full inventory inside of it. You can open the roof completly and also the back-wall of this set. So it´s possible to play with it and also good for just standing in the showcase.

Why I built that:
That´s not my first dea and i have seen the Hobbit Hole from Lego and i thought that this could be a little bit bigger. So I started with my idea and have finaly finished it in a very detailed way.

Why would it be a good Lego set:
I think that Lord of the Rings is still in every mind and unfortunately Lego brought a long time no set on the market. So i thought that maybe my idea could win this contest an we will geht in future a new "Lord of the Rings" set from Lego. 

It would be very nice if you could submit my idea and tell it to your family and friends. Maybe together we will rise the 10.000 subscribers.

Thanks to all who subscribes.

More Information:
You can also watch a animated clip on my Youtube-channel. There u can see how I designed it.

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