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LEGO Brawl Stars Gem Grab With Brawlers Tick, Barley, Darryl and 8-Bit


Brawl Stars is an immensely popular 3v3 MOBA from the creators of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Supercell has done their best with this fun and exciting shooter game with no blood, cool powerups, and different playing formats/challenges. It has a multitude of characters (brawlers) that are each unique and powerful in their own way. This build is a collaboration between me and my friend Hankinator9000 (another LEGO ideas member) where we decided to replicate some of the robot brawlers, as well as the game mode Gem Grab, through LEGO form.

Both the brawlers and the map were built physically, then designed virtually for better access to parts and better pictures. We have 100% assurance the parts will move in real life.

Hankinator9000 built the brawlers Darryl and Tick. Darryl is a heavyweight brawler with a double shotgun attack, capable of destroying enemies in seconds if they get too close. Identified by his brown-silver armor and large pirate hat, Darryl is an extraordinarily strong brawler. Tick is the complete opposite, a thrower brawler with a low health bar and a mine-throwing attack. Tick's tiny silver body and detached head mark him as one of the most high-skill brawlers in the game. 

My LEGO brawlers include Rico and 8-BIT. Rico is a shotgunner who fires bouncy balls that can ricochet off walls and do damage. Rico's blue chest filled with colorful ammunition identifies him as one of the oldest brawlers in the game. 8-BIT is a sharpshooter brawler who shoots powerfully damaging laser beams with his sci-fi blaster. Easily identified by his arcade-like body and thick blue arms, 8-BIT is one of the newest brawlers in the game, but one of the most powerful. 

The map includes a minecart that moves around the track, a small building that distributes gems, and scenery involving bones, blocks, and rivers.
This would make an incredible LEGO set because it almost perfectly imitates the map/brawlers in the game. No corners were cut on these builds; if the right piece couldn't be found we would redesign the entire part. Each brawler has a large range of motion; the leg and arm joints are all movable and usable. These LEGO brawlers and game mode are accurate representations of the virtual design and just as fun to play with. Please give an upvote and brawl on!
(Here are the links for the actual game images of the brawlers.)

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