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Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel


I was looking at the tallest towers in the world, which I always am doing, hence my name, and I looked at the Lego architecture sets already made and noticed that the shanghai tower, Shanghai WFC, Oriental pearl tower, and Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel were buildable and nonexistent sets. Unfortunately, I found out that a Shanghai Skyline set is coming out that includes the other 3 towers but I couldn't find a set on this. This set is 1526 pieces including the base, is 11 15/16" (38 studs) wide, 5 5/8" (18 studs) deep, and 10 5/8" (34 studs) tall. Stickers could be added to display word at the top of the tower and the name of the tower.

I based it off the tower seen in Saudi Arabia but also off the most similar proposal to separate the tower from other buildings. If I am missing anything tell me in a comment and/or send a picture to show what part I am missing and tips on how to make it would be helpful. Give me any other suggestions I am open to constructive criticism and will happily, if able, fix it.

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