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A Lonely Abode


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“Far far away, nestled at the bottom of a valley in the snow and the frozen grasses, protected from the bitter wind, there is a house. She who lives there cobbled together her house from wood and stone from the surrounding landscape. It is a simple life for sure, but she enjoys it, living off the land and keeping warm whenever possible. She needs no one but the nature that surrounds her and while she has little to no knowledge about her past and where her future will take her, she is content...”

Explore the world of this lonely wanderer by building her homely abode! It includes three main modules and these can be arranged in any way you like so this set can suit your home no matter what size shelf you’ve got. You could even spread them all around the room!

I recently upgraded a past moc and this was the result A snowy landscape with a lonely little dwelling in the middle of nowhere. Along the way I learnt some new techniques like leaf weaving and working off grid. Notice the shadow underneath each module - I feel this gives it a greater feeling of depth and scale. Do you like it too?๐Ÿ˜‰

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