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TX Master Games


Are you ready for Taekwon-do training and a battle?

You may train Taekwon-do or any other martial art, but you don’t have to! You must only love LEGO bricks! We created a set of new amazing adventures with LEGO bricks for you! If you have already constructed various vehicles, buildings, and spaceships, that’s awesome. Build then a small training hall or a sparring mat with us. You will battle with yourself and other opponents on it!

Play and join the TX Master world! TX stands for Taekwondix  – an educational system for children and youth that train Taekwon-do, created by Master Andrzej Undro IV Dan. TX Masteris a set of hundreds of games that will let you have an impression of real training, fun and fair competition, no matter how old you are or what you are interested in, and it is achieved with the durability, colours and magic of the LEGO bricks! You will not feel bored, as we took care to let you play many crazy games as well as create your own rules!

Our set allows you to form over 9 billion combinations! Add your ideas.

Playing by yourself or with friends, you will be able to verify your concentration, observation, and creativity, just like a Taekwon-do contestant would do! You will develop your memory, logical thinking, and cause-effect awareness. TX Master has many possibilities of creating your own rules. Combine the creativity of building LEGO structures with your mind’s potential and use them during many battles that you can have with yourself or your friends.

TX Master has no aggression in it. There’s only joy when you win and learning how to handle failures when you lose!

TX Master  ( 322 pcs bricks ) is a game for 1,2 or 4 players that refers to combat of two opponents marked with colors – blue and red. The real moves of the contestants, such as blocks, dodges, kicks, and punches are coded on our board with colorful tiles forming various patterns. Before the start players decide on their tactics with 36 tiles (red and blue – easy version or 6 colors – hard version). Each player on a special tiny board arranges a graphical code. On start, players begin the battle, perform ‘kicks, dodges and blocks’ that are coded on the tiny board. Begin with removing a single tile from your board and then slide remaining tiles to get the desired pattern as quickly as possible. The player that forms their pattern first wins. If there are no opponents for you, you can challenge yourself as well! Set up a pattern and try to get it as quickly as possible. If you are successful, why not spicing things up a bit? Remove the bricks that separate the boards, join them and create a more advanced game where you have 36 fields to form a pattern.

Join us and play in the TX Master universe! Compete with others and with yourself! TX Master is a new dimension in playing ingenious LEGO bricks that teach and entertain. We showed only a small fragment of TX Master possibilities. There are hundreds of games in this set!

Vote for our game project that you construct according to our rules or on your own, it might become your and your family’s new favourite game, no matter where you are – on training, at school, at home or on holidays!

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