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Zen Garden


Hello All long time no see i hope all of you are well and happy easter to you and your loved ones

This is my 7th lego idea i all hope you like it as well as the lego ideas team

So on this build i wanted to create a theme for my lego idea where everything seemed calm and relaxing and i came with the idea of a Zen Garden. I have seen one or two of these ideas on lego ideas so that gave me inspiration to create my own Zen Garden however i wanted to put lots of colour on my Zen Garden so i stared to build this in ldd and then i rendered my model with bluerender.

Please support this idea and share with all your friends tell your mates on lego ideas and on  social media if my Zen Garden does reach the lego review i will be very proud of myself.

Thank You for your time

Professor Curry 

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