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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus Playset

This is an Ideas submission for a Nautilus submarine playset from the Disney movie: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (based on the novel by Jules Verne). Here we have a surfaced Nautilus loaded with play features, 5 minifigures and a giant squid. This set is great for play or display.

The minifigs included here are the first mate, Captain Nemo, Ned Land, Professor Aronnax, and his assistant Conseil. The giant squid has articulated tentacles to allow it to pose as well as grab and hold figures.

The play functions onboard are: (from bow to stern)

Opening main hatch. A small handle lets you slide the panel into the ship and out of the way. This allows for the impression of below decks, and doubles as accessory and figure storage.

Adjustable vent panels. When the submarine surfaces, these plates open to replenish the air supply within the ship.

Stowable skiff. Aft of the dorsal fin, this small boat comes with collapsible oars and is stored beneath a rollaway panel.

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