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The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle


FINAL UPDATE - Thanks to everyone who helped the project gathering support!

There are countless ways Hyrule Castle could be represented in Lego. I also considered adding a micro scale version, but there was not enough time. I hope you enjoy this final update. Remember that this is just a prototype. I'm confident that Lego's design team can make something truly beautiful from this idea. If you have not already please consider supporting my Tom and Jerry project ;).


8000🎉 (update preview / update not finalized yet)




Thanks for the overwhelming support so far. I'm working on a massive update, in order to make the perfect Hyrule Castle set. The update will combine several aspects:

  • Making the set relatively affordable (reducing the part count =  lower price)
  • Adding more colour
  • Adding more/reworked interior
  • Expanding the playability
  • Adding new and reworked Minifigures/Guardians/Ganon

If you have some ideas for improvement, share them in the comment section.


Thanks to Zelda Dungeon for sharing my project :)


2500🎉 (I made these 3 years ago)

  • Hyrule Castle Update coming soon
  • I made these 3 years ago:

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