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Diesel Punk Apocolypse

In a fantastical world where resources is limited the only resources that matter is food, water and fuel. Pirates are many attacking diesel trucks and soldiers for hire protect the deliveries.  A mix of fantasy and post apocalypse this set will excite the Mad Max Fan in you, with drummers and electric guitarists. With goblin murderers who are pulled out pack as they try to climb onto the trucks.  Or pirates with dynamite who will make it out of this is uncertain. Who will win the flat bed team or the school bus with treds.

I built this set being a fan of fantasy and Mad Max and I wanted to blend the two together wanting to see want vehicle combinations I could think up, wanting some cars to look like they've been built by resembling scrap pieces . This resulted in a bus tank combo, a flatbed with a truck with a porta-potty used as a snipers nest, a drummer and guitar player on the flatbed and people on sticks that move so they can land onto a truck.

I believe this would make a great set because, it has lots of fun elements like a goblin being pulled across the sand. a trailer full of dynamite which you can send spilling onto the ground, grappling hooks that can hook onto the diesel trailer and folk on poles that can move up and down, allowing you to put them onto another truck.

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