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Minifigure Display Case


We all know the embarrasment of displaying minifigures in something that's not even lego. But what better choice do we have?

Until now. This project is exactly what is sounds like: A simple, 125-piece project that can simply and elegantly display your beloved minifigures, the Minifigure Display Case is built to exactly minifigure specificaitons, so there's no need to hunt around for the right size or waste space. The case supports 16 minifigures, exactly what you need for your old Series 1 collection or your assorted Star Wars stormtroopers. It's elegant and looks just like currently available display cases, which will cost far more and aren't nearly as good as this lego brick construction. It fits in everywhere from your bathroom (what better place to scrutinize the minute differences between each figure?) and your grown-up living room to your basement lego cave.

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