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Red Coupe V16 Sport Car.


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I have designed a red coupe sportscar with V16 engine, 5+r gearbox, steering with HOG, independent suspension on all wheels, rear wheel drive, retractable headlights and adjustable seats. 
My model has 1139 parts and built in 80’s style with modern parts. 

I designed it because I want to build it and it can be fun to see how many supporters I can get. 
I think this car can be good for LEGO because it is a sportscar in format 1:8 with 1:8 wheels and only 1139 parts. It is not many scale 1:8 cars with so few parts but it still has functions you only find on the biggest LEGO 1:8 sports cars - gearbox (5+r). I think children (and adults) may like building car with gearbox on a set that cost lesser than 380€. The last one in this format size to an affordable price with gearbox was set nr 8448 from 1999. 

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