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Purple Volcano Lagoon


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Pirates, Adventurers and Explorers – Welcome!

The Idea:

Here's my first Lego Ideas submission which represents a volcanic tropical landscape inhabited and guarded by an imaginative indigenous tribe. The volcanic minerals have given a reddish tone to the shoreline waters of the lagoon and the locals have carved many statues from the marvelously colored natural stones.

Although covered by dense forests and meandering rivers the curious pirates have stumbled upon this hidden area on their treasure-hunting trip. Luckily, only a small boat could reach this far into the lagoon.

For the indigenous, it's a sacred lair. For the Pirates, an exciting change to plunder some volcanic diamonds.

The Background:

The Purple Volcano Lagoon is my addition to the Lego Pirates Theme. I've always been fascinated by rainforests, jungle ruins and mysterious ancient cultures. The Lego jungle-themed sets from Islanders and Adventurers evoked an inexplicable joy and thrill in me ever since I was a kid. I wanted to create something that pays homage to the iconic sets but stands out with its unique style.

This is the first MOC of my adult life and a pure passion project that was born out of a vision I had about an atmospheric Volcano. After creating the initial draft I couldn't stop my imagination. I wanted to create something that resonates with people, excites them and recreates that magical feeling you can have with Lego. I also wanted to specifically test out an unorthodox color scheme that would be distinctive and recognizable.

The Build:

From the initial volcano, the creation expanded into a full set. Now, the main areas it contains, from left to right, are: a waterfall, a hut on top of a stone face, a worshipping altar, a volcano, a wooden dock and a cliff with a land bridge. The set also has a brick-built canoe for the inhabitants, a small brick-built pirate boat and a big-bellied brick-built crocodile. Some other details include a rotating stone head, a curved horn next to it, and an altar stone with a picture of the volcano and the sun above it.

There are multiple traps and hidden doors as play features. You can fall a tree to cut the way of the pirates and push a stone face down from the cliff. By pulling a torch inside the volcano, you can trip the bridge over the lava. Two hidden passages take you inside the volcano, there's a hidden treasure compartment inside the cliff and a treasure chest behind the waterfall. The top of the mountain can be removed for easier access and playability. The inner walls of the volcano are filled with volcanic gems and diamonds.

It's created with the Bricklink Studio and all in all, it consists of approximately 2500 pieces.

The set would include at least 8 figures. 6 Tribals (2 Male Warriors 1 Woman Warrior, a Shaman, a Chief and his Wife) and 2 pirates. The figures in the photos are combinations of different existing Lego minifigure parts and mere examples of what the characters could look like. My hope, if this idea becomes an official set, is that the Lego team would design unique figures for it.


The last big jungle set Lego made was the Amazon Ancient Ruins over 20 years ago. Before that, it was the Enchanted Island. Even today, these are still highly sought-after sets. Considering this and the recent releases of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay and the new Eldorado Fortress, I think a Jungle/"Islander" themed product would be massively popular among the fans.

However, I don't think it needs to be a remake of the Islanders but a different "modern" take on an indigenous nation living in the tropics. This allows for an enormous amount of creative freedom to produce a set that would stand out from the shelves.

Lego has also created many outstanding Indigenous Minifigures such as the Ancient Warrior and Island Warrior but there were never any bigger sets for these which I think people would love to have.

The Purple Volcano Lagoon is my attempt to fill this hole with a unique set that has something to explore in every corner. It brings back the playfulness of many epic vintage sets together with a striking appearance to make it something to remember.

If this build tickles your imagination make sure to support it. I'd happily hear your feedback in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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