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Make Your Own Lego Computer

What is it? This is a computer made completely out of LEGO parts obviously it doesn't actually work. Why did you build it? This set means a lot to me it took me months to complete I built this because of my love for computers and LEGO and I just wanted to combine them together.
Why do you believe this would make an excellent LEGO set? I believe that this will make an excellent LEGO set because of it featuring computer science so both old and young will have fun with this also this set provides 2 layers of building first you build each component then afterwards you get to put it all together. 
Additional information The components I have made are: The case (including dust filter and removable side panel), A case fan to go at the back, the motherboard, the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the CPU cooler (that includes a heatsink and 2 fans), 2 RAM (Random Access Memory) sticks, 2 m.2 SSDs (Solid State Drive), a GPU (Graphics Processing unit)(with additional fan on the top), a wired network card, 3 HDDs (Hard Disk Drive), a CMOS battery (for the motherboard), a PSU (Power Supply Unit) and the cables to connect it all together. The case features 2 usb ports, 1 audio jack, 1 microphone jack and the power button. The case also includes a PSU shroud and 3 drive bays.
Extra notes:
There is only 2442 pieces.
I tried to mimic as closely as possible computer building but somethings just aren't possible with LEGO so things like screws are missing.
The Power button has a light brick underneath to show its on.
Outro Please support this I would love to see this as a set and people enjoying it. If you have any suggestions please put them in the comments

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