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UT-AT - Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport


The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport as seen in Ep III, on Mygeeto, used by the 21st Nova Corps, (the Galactic Marines), led by marshal commander Bacara and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

The vehicle
Name : Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport, called Trident
Type : repulsorcraft, designed for floatting/levitation on unstable terrain such as bridges
Crew : 26
Length : 23.8 meters
Armament : 1x Artillery turbolaser turret, 2x Medium laser cannon, 4x Anti-infantry laser turrets
Motion : 16x repulsorlift skis

The set
Parts : ~3000
Dimensions (in stud) : 75x28
Minifigs : commander Bacara, Ki-Adi-Mundi, 7x Galactic Marines
Features :
- the cockpit can be removed
- the turbolaser turret can go up and down
- the 4 laser turrets have 360° rotation + up and down a few degrees
- there are 6 trapdoors for playability, and 2 (at the back) as real entrance with ladders.
- the 16 repulsorlift skis have shock absorbers

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