UT-AT - Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport

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The Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport as seen in Ep III, on Mygeeto, used by the 21st Nova Corps, (the Galactic Marines), led by marshal commander Bacara and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

The vehicle
Name : Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport, called Trident
Type : repulsorcraft, designed for floatting/levitation on unstable terrain such as bridges
Crew : 26
Length : 23.8 meters
Armament : 1x Artillery turbolaser turret, 2x Medium laser cannon, 4x Anti-infantry laser turrets
Motion : 16x repulsorlift skis

The set
Parts : ~3000
Dimensions (in stud) : 75x28
Minifigs : commander Bacara, Ki-Adi-Mundi, 7x Galactic Marines
Features :
- the cockpit can be removed
- the turbolaser turret can go up and down
- the 4 laser turrets have 360° rotation + up and down a few degrees
- there are 6 trapdoors for playability, and 2 (at the back) as real entrance with ladders.
- the 16 repulsorlift skis have shock absorbers