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Lego Star Wars AT-PT


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Hello Lego and Starwars Fans.

This is my third project and now I wanted to build my favorite "AT-Mech":
AT-PT (All Terrain - Personal Transport)

It's a light anti-infantry walker.

The main problems while creating this Lego-Version:
- keep it simple
- keep it small (because its height should be something about 2 Minifigures)
- how to seat a pilot inside
- where to place the hatch

Hope you like my Version of the AT-PT like I do.

I also placed the AT-PT in the Jungle to show you how it looks like in "action".

Other views will come on the next updates...

Please support me and may the force be with you.

If you have any comments or improvements..please tell me.
You can also visit my other project(s)



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