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Interstellar Spacecraft Collection (Endurance, Ranger, Lander)


Gargantua - for my dear 1,000 supporters

Dear 1,000 supporters,

I'm really happy that you like this project, and I really appreciate the support from everyone of you. So to celebrate this moment, I present you - Gargantua!

This is a side project I did while I was building the spacecraft Endurance last year. It features Gargantua, the massive black hole in the movie. For me, it completely changed my impression of a black hole. The accretion disk of it is beautifully presented by the movie, and it's actually very similar to the later first ever picture of a black hole (see this NASA webpage). I tried to reproduce every part of the accretion disk.

To learn more about why the black hole looks like that, see this NASA webpage, which has really nice explanations.

And here's one more angle of this build.

Last, a picture of how it would look like as an indoor decoration - who doesn't want a black hole in their room?


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