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Subnautica: Terror in the Lost River


My Project: Based on the popular underwater survival game SUBNAUTICA, created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, this is my fifth Subnautica LEGO set that I am proud to present. It is called "Terror in the Lost River", and it depicts the player's exploration of the awesome biome known as the Lost River. This set focuses on the player's encounter with the deadly Ghost Leviathan, a massive, snake-like predator with glowing, translucent blue skin which dwells in the murky waters of the Lost River.


How I did it: As with my other sets - "Reaper Leviathan Attack", "Survivors of the Degasi", "Exploring the Safe Shallows", and "Skeleton of the Ancient Leviathan" - (check them out on my page and make sure to hit that support button), I went into my game and painstakingly recreated the Ghost Leviathan and portions of the Lost River biome using the LEGO Digital Designer. As always, I have included links to the pictures I used down below.


Description: Having been on Planet 4546B for months, without any hope of rescue, our lone survivor has become accustomed to the planet's shallower ecosystems and decides to venture deeper into the unknown waters. He takes his trusty one-person submersible, the Seamoth - now decked out with various upgrade modules and torpedo systems and sporting a shiny black and blue color scheme. After a long journey down, the survivor finds himself in the Lost River, a beautiful yet terrifying biome full of underwater rivers of acid and gloomy green fog.  The wails of Ghostrays and River Prowlers echo through the rocky caverns, adding to the haunting and creepy atmosphere of the biome. Suddenly, the survivor hears a horrifying, ghostly shriek, and sees the bright, translucent blue light of a giant, snake-like creature undulating through the water. He had once read that the roar of the Ghost Leviathan was the last sound one would ever hear. Would that become true for our lone survivor? You decide!



1. Every aspect of this set features intricate details straight from the video game Subnautica.

2. Includes two pieces of the Lost River biome - a tall cavern wall with waterfalls of acid and a pool of sulfur, plus other pieces of terrain; the Ghost Leviathan; a Seamoth; a River Prowler; a Ghostray; a shoal of Spinefish; and various other flora of the biome.

3. The Ghost Leviathan's body is connected via ball-joints for posability and measures four feet long in total.

4. Seat the player at the Seamoth's controls and access the upgrade panel on the left wing.

5. Use the included brick-built Stasis Rifle to fend off and freeze potential attackers.

6. The brine pool includes rubies and removable green coral plates.

7. Open the Ghost Leviathan's mouth and pose its flippers.

8. Avoid the aggressive River Prowler and admire the beautiful and harmless Ghostray.

9. You can combine this set with Skeleton of the Ancient Leviathan to create a massive, all-in-one Lost River set (see the attached picture with the ancient leviathan skeleton included)


Compare: Here are the links to the wiki pages (scroll down to the gallery to find pictures)


If you are interested in playing Subnautica, here is the link to the developer's website:


Thanks for checking out this project! Please check out my other sets on my page as well, which features the survivors of the Degasi in the Jelly Shroom Caves, the wonders of the Safe Shallows, and the terrifying Reaper Leviathan! If you're a fan of the game and want this to become a real LEGO set, please support and share with your friends! More Subnautica sets (including a Cyclops and a Deep Grand Reef set) coming real soon!

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