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Bernini's Elephant and Obelisk

Located in the heart of Rome, just behind the Pantheon at the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva you can find an amazing statue of an elephant carrying an obelisk designed by the famous Italian artist Bernini.

Unveiled in 1667 the sculpture features a red granite Egyptian obelisk found in excavations near the church in 1665 which is thought to have been brought to Rome in the first century AD from Egypt.

This obelisk is the smallest of 13 ancient obelisks found in Rome today, and measures 12.68m tall (including the elephant).  Carved into the pedestal a quote reads:

"Let any beholder of the carved images of the wisdom of Egypt on the obelisk carried by the elephant, the strongest of beasts, realize that it takes a robust mind to carry solid wisdom"

This custom LEGO creation is built from 2,214 parts and stands 66cm high.  The base of the pedestal is 30cm wide x 19cm deep.

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