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Pixar: Monsters Inc


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Hello again

This is my project of Monsters Inc.  It is a double-sided set where one side is the monsters' world while the other is the human and the link between them is the door.  On the right side of the door is the scream canister hooked up to the machine to siphon the screams that the monsters coax out of the children.  On the left side is the control panel that controls if the door can be opened into the human world.  

Now on the other side of the door there is a child's bedroom complete with bed with pink blanket, bedside table with lamp, and a small bookshelf including three multicolored books.

I believe this should become a lego set because it is very much playable and it would be a cool feature to have custom monster minifigure parts.

The last picture shows an LDD version of what I think the minifigures should look like with Boo, Sully, and Mike :)  That Mike is the best I could come up with with the legos we currently have.  If you've seen The Lego Movie 2 I would want his body to be like the ice-cream cone butler's body.  Plus Sully needs custom fur and a smiling face.  Mike could also use a face ;D And maybe a Monsters Inc hard hat.

If we reach 100 supporters I will try to add Randall Boggs.  If we reach 1000 then I will try to create custom stickers for their bodies and faces.

Support and comment please!  It is greatly appreciated.  (:

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