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Modular City Train


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It’s a three part train with a duplex carriage in the middle and working doors all around. It’s easily detachable, like the modular buildings are. The first carriage contains a cockpit and a regular seating area with reading lights. The duplex carriage consists of a luxury restaurant upstairs with a balcony over the downstairs area and sleeping compartments downstairs. The third carriage contains the other cockpit, a space reserved for power functions and a kitchen/bar equipped with an oven, stove and several bottles to mix the perfect drinks to the restaurant.

I built it because ever since I was a kid I’ve loved railway transport. I remember wanting the Metroliner train when I was a kid, especially with the duplex carriage. Back then I was never able to get one. Now I also wanted to create a train set to fit my growing modular city. The focus was on display value, but I think it is still a great set to be played with as well.

I think it would be a great Lego set because it is simply more complete than existing Lego trains, without being much larger. It has lots of interior detail, so it perfectly fits highly detailed modular cities, as well as a display on its own.

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