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Bologna's Two Towers


Commonly recognized symbol of Bologna, the two towers stand at the strategic entry point into the city of the ancient Via Emilia. The isolation in which they appear to us now at the center of the square of the Gate of Ravenna Square does not match original layout, wooden constructions around and hanging passageways. Made in masonry like few other buildings, important military functions (signaling and defense) as well as representing with their imposing the social prestige of the family. At the end of the twelfth century, there were in the city a hundred of which only twenty survived fires, wars and lightning strikes, are still visible today. Recently relocation before the towers of a statue of San Petronio by Gabriele Brunelli of 1670, which had been removed in 1871 "due to traffic".
The tower was built between 1109-19 by the homonymous family and goes to the City in the next century. High 97.20 m has an overhang of 2.23 meters and an internal staircase of 498 steps completed in 1684. The base is surrounded by a 'stronghold' built in 1488 to house the guards. Today on the porch were a few craft shops in memory of the commercial function of the medieval 'middle market'.
The nearby Garisenda Tower, contemporary with the previous one, it differs visually thanks to a lower height of only 47 meters with a steeper drop (3.22 m) due to an early and major land subsidence and foundation. Dante, who saw her still intact compares to Antaeus bowed in XXXI of the Inferno. In the middle of the fourteenth century it is to be lowered. The ashlar covering in selenite to the base dates back to the late nineteenth century.

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