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Men in Black: Agent K's Transforming Jet Car

Celebrate an icon of 90s sci-fi with Agent K's transforming jet car from Men In Black!

Men In Black is one of the few movies I owned on VHS growing up, and I watched it countless times. My favorite scene is when Agent K and J are speeding through New York City to get to Queens. Agent K decides to take the Queens-Midtown tunnel. This baffles Agent J, who believe the tunnel will be full of traffic. Little does he know, their inconspicuous town-car has a trick up its sleeve. With a push of the "little red button" the car transforms into jet-powered supercar. Agent K drives the car on the roof of the tunnel past all the traffic while grooving to his cassette tape. Agent learns a lesson about always wearing a seatbelt.

This LEGO model is a large-scale replica of the transforming car. It can be transformed from unassuming town-car to exhilarating jet machine without any reassembly. It's a great display piece in either form and also is loads of fun to play with.

LEGO has a successful trend of releasing replica cars from classic 80s/90s movies. It's time for Men In Black to take its turn!

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