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Thursday Next, Lost in a good book


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Thursday Next, the famous SpecOps literary detective, who rose from hunting bootleg copies of Shakespeare, Austin and Milton to become the Bellman of BookWorld, responsible for the running of Jurisfiction the policing agency within books themselves.  Sentenced to wear gingham for changing the end of Jane Eyre she would've got into more serious trouble if people hadn't preferred her ending. 

Thursday is the protagonist in author Jasper Fforde's alternate universe, based upon the notion that what we read in books is just a small part of a larger BookWorld that exists behind the page.

The model shows Thursday and Granny Next sitting in her Porsche Roadster. Ibb and Obb her generic companions and Pickwick her Dodo complete the scene.  The flying boat is her home for most of Lost in a Good Book the second instalment when she goes undercover in half finished novel.  It's complete with a WillSpeak machine, spare engine and all the amenities of a slightly decrepit home.  The two halves can be pushed together and the wing slotted in to keep them complete. 



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