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Hotel Interstellar


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I was bored again. I had another 10 hours of pure boredom. That is why. I've decided to build this!. I call it Hotel Interstellar. What I have attached on the side and all over the spaceship, look like the floors of an apartment building and let it resemble the floors of a urban structure. I've taken out one design for buildings that I like, and applied them into this spaceship. It has my favorite color combination, the orange, gray, white, and some black. This spaceship contains about 2050 pieces. 

I've also added some smaller carriers or transporters, which are supposed to play a role of transporting people from earth, to this spaceship. As the people board the transporter, the transporter will travel to outer space where Hotel Interstellar is located in. When they arrive, some people will stay in the hotel, and the people in the hotel will board to return to earth. 

I'm donutsmasher, I post weekly spaceships!. Stay tuned for new spaceships!. This is what I got so far. See you in the next one!

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