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Top Gear Amphibious Cars Challenge

I’m a big fan of Top Gear, but three guys sitting around a TV in a studio does not make for an exciting LEGO set.
So instead, I took my inspiration from one of my favourite episodes of all, the AMPHIBIOUS CARS CHALLENGE, in which the guys try to turn ordinary road going cars into water craft that can still be driven like a normal cars. The three sets in this series are:

Richard Hammond’s DAMPERVAN (a canal-boat made from a campervan)

Jeremy Clarkson’s TOYBOTA (a Toyota Hilux with a racing boat engine strapped to the back)

James May’s SAILING BOAT (a Triumph Herald fitted with a mast and a sail)

And of course, minifigure versions of Clarkson, the Hamster and Captain Slow.

I have tried to get these Digital Designer versions as close as I can to the originals, but I would welcome any suggestions for improvements!

The Dampervan

The flying deck

Dampervan interior

The Toybota and sailing boat

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