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Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Attack of the Minotaur

“Coarse brown hair started at about his belly button and got thicker as it reached his shoulders. His neck was a mass of muscle and fur leading up to his enormous head, which had a snout as long as my arm”

“I recognized the monster, all right. He had been in one of the first stories Mr. Brunner told us. But he couldn't be real.”

I present to you “The Attack of the Minotaur”, based on the 2010 film “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief” and the book by the same name. 

Made from 526 pieces, this model is a recreation of the scene in which Percy, Sally and Grover (all included minifigures) attempt to fend off the Minotaur - or rather I should say “Pasiphae's son”, as you know, names have power. The camp entrance is an accurate depiction of the one from the film, utilising many techniques to create a smooth and chiselled design. Alongside the entrance is a small rendition of Thalia's tree on the right, and a poseable build of the minotaur on the left, with removable horns to recreate the battle.

One feature that has been included is the ability to change the engraved stone sign above the entrance way from Greek to English and the opposite to show Percy’s hard-wired ability to read Ancient Greek.
Another is the feature of opening the minotaur's chest, spilling out gold studs, to emulate how when defeated, monsters crumble into dust and reform in Tartarus.

There are 3 minifigures designed for this set, each with custom designs to match with their movie counterparts.
Firstly Percy, with his iconic disheveled black hair and trusty pen-sword Anaklusmos (Riptide) which I have rendered in silver to be accurate to the film design over the bronze from the books. Next is Sally Jackson, Percy's mother, wearing a grey cardigan and able to be held in the minotaur's hand. Finally we have Grover, in a leather jacket, with his satyr legs on display for all to see.

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