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We may hear from childhood that dogs are human's best friends, but why are they mainly for dogs? But not other animals. There is a certain basis for this statement.
Unless abandoned by the shoveling officer, the dog will not betray.
Dogs are very grateful animals. Some examples can illustrate that a kind-hearted person saw a stray dog on the street and gave it delicious food, but one day, the kind-hearted person was injured and the stray dog looked for help. Dogs are very grateful. If you give them a favor, they may remember it for a lifetime. In the process of raising dogs, owners should remember to feed dogs with nutritious and balanced dog food to ensure their health.
The ancestors of dogs are wolves. Wolves are social animals. Acting alone can't do anything. Each wolf pack will have a leader, and all wolves will absolutely follow and obey it. Nor will they kill each other. Dogs, too, subconsciously regard their owners as their leaders, so they will be friendly to their friends and relatives and treat them as their own people.
Once a dog determines that you are its owner, it feels that it has the responsibility to take care of you. When its owner is threatened, it will not hesitate to rush out to protect itself, even if it hurts itself. However, if dogs have the habit of biting people during feeding, they must be trained well. During training, snacks, dried chicken, etc. shall be used as auxiliary tools to avoid disorderly biting by dogs, which is not very good.
It is not wrong to say that dogs are the most human animals.The dog will comfort him when he is sad and accompany him when he is happy. All this is because dogs can understand human nature and understand the mood of excrement shoveling officials.

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