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Alouette III Rescue Helicopter


1000 !

Let's be honest, nothing would have been possible without the motivation and momentum given by the LEGO and LEGO Ideas community to achieve such a result in LESS THAN A WEEK! 

Let's not forget that the company Airbus Helicopters also shared my creation on social networks! It is an incredible pride, and that is saying something!

That's crazy ! Just crazy ... I've been creating projects on LEGO Ideas for years now, and I have NEVER had so many votes so quickly! You all are just awesome, that gives me so much hope !

That's it, the Alouette III is now launched, it has taken off and the speedometer goes crazy! How far will it go? To the highest point in the sky I hope!

To celebrate these 1000 votes, let's play a little game! The Alouette III is now on its way to save Barry, this poor hiker lost in the mountain, will it be able to reach its destination? It's up to YOU ​​to judge by voting, voting, voting!

Keep tuned, new updates are coming very soon, and some surprises too ! ;)

In the meantime, again, thank you and Brick On!

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