Product Idea

Laboratory and Store

  The idea behind it is that the laboratory makes the robotics for the store to sell. The name of the boy with the blue pants is Tommy while the name of the other boy is Timmy. Tommy owns the lab and Timmy owns the store.

  I designed the lab and store with open roof tops so it is easy to play with.

  The model features robots such as a vacuum robot, a lamp robot, and much more. It also includes a boat, a four-wheeled vehicle, a water speeder, and an apple tree with flowers.

  Inside the laboratory there is a tree, a robot arm, a stool, a lunch table, a microscope, a mailbox, a pile of resources, an attachment for a robot, and a light.

  Inside the store are some robots that came from the laboratory, a tree, and a check-out counter.

  This is my first submission!

  Thanks for reading.