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Bonsai Japanese White Pine


Japanese White Pine Bonsai - Pinus parviflora

I love Bonsai.  I love Lego.  So a few years ago I combined the two, and this was the start of our bonsai results.

The graceful yet often rough elegance that a bonsai displays is captured in Lego form for you all to enjoy.  This particular model has been designed in the Chinese Literati style of bonsai of a Japanese White Pine.  We modeled this creation from an actual tree that was growing from the side of a cliff, and comes complete with branches that have died back, creating what is known in the bonsai community as 'jin', which is a dead branch where the bark has been stripped from years of wild weather and exposes the dead wood.  This is shown from the two dead broken off branches in the middle of the trunk.

We made the pot to compliment this style of tree, and comes with Lego moss and grass growing at the base of the gnarled trunk.

The Japanese White Pine model, including the pot is 773 Lego parts.

We hope you enjoy seeing this creation, and in time hopefully you have one displayed in your home.

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