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Dave’s Lego Recording Studio

Based on my working life in Recording Studios for the last 30 years

I have created the 2 main Rooms The Control Room and the Sound Room

The Control Room

Two Bi-Amped Active 3 Way Monitors (speakers on stands) two wall lights, sound proofed windows with green glass trim top and bottom. I have used grooved brakes to simulate sound reflection dampeners.
there is a mixing desk utilising various bricks to emulate the various parts on a desk, with radiator grills for the faders. A Computer Digital Editor Workstation (DAW), A 16 Track Tape Recorder & Remote. Two swivel chairs, a plate of Cookies and a Mug of Coffee.

The Sound Room

Starting at the back a Live Drum Wall with a Baffle wall directly behind the Full Drum Kit of Stool, Snare, HiHat, Kick, Ride Toms, Side Tom and 2 Cymbles, 2 Overhead SM58 Mics. This is all on a raised floating platform, then a Down Lighting Rig.

Singing Wall with Baffled Wall, Tool Kit, Head Phones, Microphone Stand with Large Condenser Microphone.

keyboards with Music on Stand, swivel chair and cup of coffee, Guitar Amp with microphone.

Wall with Guitars and Gold Disk, Sound Proof walls, Brick level at the bottom, the Main wall has two foldback speakers.

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